My former partner and I have separated and I want to relocate with the children to be with my family. What should I do?

Relocation is a common issue in family law disputes where the Court is asked to decide on the outcome. Sometimes one party has moved interstate at the commencement of the relationship to live with the other party and they want … Continue reading

I’ve been served with an Intervention Order what do I do now?

Often during the breakdown of a relationship, a Family Violence Intervention Orders (IVO) may be obtained by a former partner (known as the Affected Family Member). An application for an Intervention Order may be made in person by the affected … Continue reading

What if I have experienced family violence? Can I still mediate?

This is a vexed question.  When answering it, at the heart of every answer must be the concept of family safety, not just victim safety but also that of the children who are usually victims of the violence as well … Continue reading

My former partner and I signed a Parenting Plan but it’s not working. What now? 

Some separated parents choose to turn their informal arrangements regarding the care of their children into a Parenting Plan. Section 63C(1) of the Family Law Act 1975 provides that a Parenting Plan is a written agreement made between the parents … Continue reading

How is Divorce different from a Family Law Property Settlement?

One of the most common mistakes people make when separating is confusing the process of divorce with the process of reaching a property settlement. The two issues are dealt with separately by the Court. Couples need not have filed an … Continue reading

My former partner and I own a pet together. Who gets to keep the pet?

It is not uncommon for disputes regarding pets to occur in the context of a relationship breakdown. As the Family Law Act 1975 does not specifically address this issue, the Courts treat pets in the same manner as other property … Continue reading

My partner makes me fear for my safety, what should I do?

Family Violence can affect any person, at any time during their lifetime.  It does not discriminate against geographical location, socio-economic circumstances, gender, culture, age or religion.  Statistically, 1 in 3 Australian women will experience Family Violence at some point in … Continue reading

“Mediation Never ‘Fails’ Even When the Dispute is Unresolved”

Many family law clients are encouraged by their lawyers, where appropriate, to attend mediation before issuing proceedings in Court.  Where there is urgency or there has been family violence, mediation may not be appropriate at a certain juncture of a … Continue reading


From 9 January 2018, same-sex couples can legally marry in Australia. If you are planning to propose to your partner this year or you are already planning the wedding, these are a few important issues that you should consider: Do … Continue reading

Christmas Break Ups – Messier than your dinner table after Christmas Lunch!

Let’s face it.  There is no perfect time to announce you are leaving.  Whilst that is true, there are worse times than others to say “It’s over!” Christmas is possibly the worst time to say you are going, particularly if … Continue reading