Prostitute gets less than she bargained for in Family Law Matter

The recent Family Court case of Higgins & Higgins addressed a unique situation in which the Applicant Husband, Mr Higgins, had initially engaged the Respondent Wife, Ms Higgins, as an escort and married her a number of years later. In … Continue reading

Who pays the Capital Gains Tax when a couple decides to separate?

  Many of our clients have a broad range of assets including investment properties and share portfolios. If you have separated from your partner, it is very important for you to understand the tax consequences which may flow from selling … Continue reading

My Former Partner has Control of All Our Assets! What do I do?

In many family law cases, one party has control over all of the assets and liabilities of the marriage or de facto relationship. This situation can leave the other party in a vulnerable and stressful position as the spouse in … Continue reading

Greater Protections for those experiencing family violence

On 29 March 2018 further amendments were made to the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) creating greater protections for those within our community experiencing family violence. These amendments formed part of the Family Violence Protection Amendment Act 2017.  Of … Continue reading

What if I have met someone?

If you are leaving a relationship because you have found someone else to be with and want a future with them, it goes without saying that this may not make you the best messenger about separation. Clients often ask me … Continue reading

My former partner and I reconciled after our property settlement was finalised… Now we’ve separated again. Is my property settlement still valid?

Sometimes, even after separated couples have entered into a binding family law property settlement, they may decide to get back together. The problem is, clients who decide to reconcile with their former partner after they have finalised their property matters … Continue reading

Why Separating in a Marriage or De Facto Relationship Is Hard To Do

If you are having trouble with a sibling or a parent (provided you are not in business with them or in a position of financial dependency) you can successfully avoid them for most of the year and even manage to … Continue reading

How can I find out if my former partner is hiding money or assets in our divorce? 

Financial distrust is often central to the breakdown of a relationship. When dividing the assets, one or both parties may disagree with what the law requires and feel that they are being treated unfairly.  Financial proceedings in the Family Courts … Continue reading

My former partner and I have separated and I want to relocate with the children to be with my family. What should I do?

Relocation is a common issue in family law disputes where the Court is asked to decide on the outcome. Sometimes one party has moved interstate at the commencement of the relationship to live with the other party and they want … Continue reading

I’ve been served with an Intervention Order what do I do now?

Often during the breakdown of a relationship, a Family Violence Intervention Orders (IVO) may be obtained by a former partner (known as the Affected Family Member). An application for an Intervention Order may be made in person by the affected … Continue reading