Who pays for a baby when you’re not married or in a de facto relationship?

When a woman becomes pregnant and is neither married nor in a de facto relationship, legal issues can arise as to who is responsible for her support during the birthing period and then who is responsible for the financial support … Continue reading

Help! My former partner applied for an Intervention Order against me and I have a Court Hearing.

Intervention Order Hearings are sometimes unexpected and can be very confronting for both Applicants and Respondents to manage. If you have been served with an Intervention Order and have an upcoming Hearing, we recommend that you make an appointment to … Continue reading

Can I let my hair down at the end of my relationship and go all out on a trip to Vegas?

Many clients feel the need to let their hair down, celebrate or recover during family law proceedings and may choose to travel overseas to Bali or Las Vegas to do so.  Whilst it is permitted to travel overseas (unless you … Continue reading

Child Support- What happens if I am not the Father and Child Support Says I have to Pay?

If you are in a situation where you are being asked to pay child support for a child and you do not think it is yours, you may want to know what all the options are before deciding on a … Continue reading

What are the consequences of not following a parenting order?

The Australia Federal Police (AFP) posted a news report on Facebook on 19 September 2018 that three children who had been “abducted” by their father had been found safe and well. The children had been taken by their father in … Continue reading

To Smack or Not to Smack? How do the Family Courts deal with Corporal Punishment?

Separated parents may experience difficulties managing their different parenting styles when co-parenting their children. This is often the case when one parent is strict with the children and the other parent has a more laid back attitude. The waters get … Continue reading

How you can benefit from Second Opinions in Your Family Law Matter

Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers has developed a niche practice in providing clients with a second opinion about their family law matters.  It is not unusual for clients to experience doubt during what is undeniably a very stressful and concerning time.  … Continue reading

How to tell your children about your separation

Going through a separation can be an extremely distressing time where you are at your most vulnerable. This situation is only made more challenging when you have children whose emotional needs must be managed as they are eased through this … Continue reading

Don’t Get A Nasty Shock About Your Financial Exposure When Your Marriage Ends

It never ceases to amaze me how many of our clients have consulted other experts – be it financial advisors, accountants or commercial lawyers – with the clients expecting these experts to understand how family law intersects with wealth protection. … Continue reading

Attorney General Christian Porter commended the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence and Cross-Examination of parties) Bill 2018

Earlier this week, Attorney General Christian Porter commended the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence and Cross-Examination of parties) Bill 2018 to the House of Representatives and this initiative is supported by many in the legal profession.  The Family Law Section … Continue reading