“Mediation Never ‘Fails’ Even When the Dispute is Unresolved”

Many family law clients are encouraged by their lawyers, where appropriate, to attend mediation before issuing proceedings in Court.  Where there is urgency or there has been family violence, mediation may not be appropriate at a certain juncture of a … Continue reading


From 9 January 2018, same-sex couples can legally marry in Australia. If you are planning to propose to your partner this year or you are already planning the wedding, these are a few important issues that you should consider: Do … Continue reading

Christmas Break Ups – Messier than your dinner table after Christmas Lunch!

Let’s face it.  There is no perfect time to announce you are leaving.  Whilst that is true, there are worse times than others to say “It’s over!” Christmas is possibly the worst time to say you are going, particularly if … Continue reading

Equal Marriage Equal Divorce: What rights do Gay Couples Have under the Family Law Act – With Marriage and Without?

Some wisecracking contributors to the marriage equality debate came up with the trite and vacuous saying:  “Equal Marriage = Equal Divorce” the implication being that if you give all marriage equality, then you also give them the rights, duties and … Continue reading

My former partner and I have different religious beliefs – what does this mean for my child?

Sometimes separated parents may have differing views regarding religion and cultural issues which can lead to parental conflict, especially during the festive season. In most situations, it is presumed that both parents share parental responsibility for the children of the … Continue reading

What do you do when your former partner fails to return the kids at Christmas?

Christmas is a time for families.  It is not the best time for separated families.  For those families where conflict is high and battling it out in the Courts is inevitable, Christmas also means that access to services, such as … Continue reading

Ten Ways to Ruin Your Kids’ Christmas

When the prospect of spending time with your partner over the Christmas break proves too much for you, there are really good reasons why you should not be the Grinch and ruin your kids’ Christmas.  You need to stop thinking … Continue reading

Marriage Equality Bill Passed by Parliament

As promised by Prime Minister Turnbull the marriage equality Bill has been passed by Parliament before Christmas.  Senator Dean Smith’s marriage equality Bill was passed by the House of Representatives at 6:00pm on Thursday evening.  It is expected that the Governor … Continue reading

Re: Kelvin [2017] FamCAFC

Re: Kelvin [2017] FamCAFC On 30 November 2017, the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia delivered a landmark judgment which will make the lives of many children diagnosed with gender dysphoria (also known as gender identity disorder) easier. … Continue reading

Ten Ways to Keep your Separated Family Together This Christmas

So you are separated and you are approaching your first family Christmas post separation.  Are you approaching it with dread or have you managed the art of being a family in a post separation landscape? As family lawyers, we don’t … Continue reading