Caroline Counsel: Candidate 2019 LIV Council

I am standing for election and if you want a strong and truly member-focussed LIV, then I am asking you for your vote.  Throughout my career I have worked at small, medium and large law firms and understand what lawyers want from their LIV.

There have been significant recent changes at the LIV including the shift from being a co-regulator with the LSC to being purely a membership organisation.  I know we still have some way to go.  My involvement with the LIV is long standing and I have the experience to assist the board and management represent your interests.  I represented the members as President in 2011 and my platform of health and well-being is one of the trademark offerings at the LIV to this day.  I intend to continue to ensure our members are supported and their needs are heard and met.  In this time of transformational change, it is critically important that the Board and Management remain connected with our membership and design offerings and outcomes that meet, or better still, exceeds their expectations.

I am committed to ensuring that we remain relevant by communicating with our members and offering them opportunities that leverage off advances in social media and technology.  As President I introduced the LIV to Twitter – now one of our strongest platforms for ensuring our message is heard and our reach is wide.

I represent the LIV on the Law Council of Australia (I am presently serving the first year of a two year terms as your Director).  Together with the LIV Board and Management, I am active in ensuring the LCA is mindful of what matters to our members most and ensuring that your interests are taken into account at the legal national peak body.

Put simply, I cannot get there without your vote so please vote 1 for Caroline Counsel.

If you wish to discuss any of the issues which are important to you, do not hesitate to contact me on (03) 9320 3900.


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