Jane Bentley

Jane commenced her role as a Senior Associate at Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers in September 2019 and the firm was extremely pleased to have someone with Jane’s depth and breadth of experience joining our team to work with our clients and their families.

Since her Admission to Practice in 2009, Jane has practised exclusively in family law and has extensive experience in relation to both parenting and property matters.  As an Accredited Family Law Specialist, Jane brings that expertise to working with families where there are complex issues.  As a result Jane has been involved in a number of matters in the Courts in relation to which there have been published judgments.

Jane’s skill is in working with her clients to best understand what is important to them and why.  Jane is then able to offer a broad range of solutions and strategies which she adapts for each client’s unique set of facts and what they want to achieve.  Her work in complex matters and working with families in such matters ensures that she is well and truly able to cater for the needs of clients experiencing breakdown of their relationships and separation.  Ideally Jane prefers to work with clients ahead of a separation so they can benefit from her experience but so too do those clients who already find themselves in the Court system.

Jane is committed to working with her clients to explore all possible avenues to resolve their matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Jane, like all the team who works at Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers, wants to minimise the impact of separation on families and achieve the best outcomes for the families whom she advises and represents.

In addition to being an Accredited Family Law Specialist with the Law Institute of Victoria, Jane also sits on the Property & Maintenance Committee and the Court Practices Committee at the Institute and brings to the table her wealth of experience and practical application of the law to better inform the profession and therefore have the profession, in turn, assist both government and the public on matters relating to family law.