Jody Ludbey

Jody Ludbey is a Family Lawyer and Associate with Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers.  Jody is committed to working with our clients to ensure the best possible outcomes for both our clients and their families.

During her career she has worked in both a city firm and also with a well-known regional law firm.  This experience has given her a breadth of understanding of family law from the clients’ perspective and invaluable skills which she uses when working with our clients to achieve results.

Jody has been involved in a variety of family law matters relating to parenting, property, maintenance, child support, and other aspects of family law.  She has sound legal knowledge which complements her passionate desire to help our firm’s clients survive and then thrive post separation and post their settlement.

Jody employs a range of skills but also a range of options which she can discuss with you to come up with the most cost effective and efficient pathway to get from separated to settled.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with Jody, email [email protected] or telephone our office +61 (3) 9320 3900 to make an appointment today.