Luciana Ramos

Luciana practices exclusively in family law, dealing with all aspects of family law including parenting, property disputes and Intervention Orders. Luciana is dedicated to assisting clients and their families reach settlement as quickly as possible.

Luciana recognises the impact that separation has on the firm’s clients and their children and works with them during this most difficult period in their lives by providing advice with empathy. She appreciates the issues that result from relationships breaking down and provides a friendly, practicable and cost effective approach to resolving family law disputes. Wherever possible and in keeping with the philosophy of Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers, she looks for and encourages clients to resolve their family law issues amicably and without the necessity of court intervention. Having spent six years as a Judge’s Associate at the Federal Circuit Court, prior to her entering private practice, Luciana brings a unique perspective to her case work by virtue of her appreciating the judicial lens which is applied to and the factors that often determine a family law outcome. Her time at the Court has been a invaluable adjunct to other legal skills, knowledge and training.

Luciana holds both a Bachelor of Laws (Hon) and a Diploma of Legal Practice.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with Luciana, email [email protected] or telephone our office +61 (3) 9320 3900 to make an appointment today.