How We Can Help?

closeexamWe have a strong commitment to all forms of dispute resolution and can advise you on which method of dispute resolution might best suit your needs.  We know that Court can cost you and your family both financially and emotionally.

We offer mediation, negotiation, Collaborative practice and Caroline Counsel is a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner dealing in both children and financial matters.  Collaborative Practice is a relatively recent phenomenon in Australia, but is gaining momentum clients in resolving their disputes.  It requires you and your former partner to choose this as your agreed and preferred dispute resolution option.

Even in cases where litigation becomes inevitable, the team strives to create opportunities to resolve matters rather than simply being reactive. We are able to advise you how and when to make commercially minded decisions. We look for these opportunities even in the most difficult of cases. As a result of our experience, we can offer solutions and advice that is tailor made specifically for you and take your particular situation into account

Our clients vary widely in terms of their backgrounds, from the individual seeking general family law advice to companies or grandparents requiring representation in the Family Courts as third parties to litigation.

Our legal advice and support service is orientated to what you want to achieve.  We consider it paramount to develop a team approach with you as the pivotal member of that team.  All steps taken on your behalf are done in a consultative fashion.  You will have the pros and cons of any given step explained to you in detail so that you can make an informed decision about all of your settlement options.

redlistenThe firm has attracted lawyers with exceptional skills and a real feel for our clients’ needs – both legal and emotional.  Our support team has a wealth of experience in this sometimes emotionally difficult area of law.  Given that experience, there are not many situations that the team has not encountered before..

We have developed what we feel to be a unique method of working as a team.  For example, one of the biggest complaints about lawyers is that their clients can’t seem to get hold of them.  With the team approach, clients do not have to wait for their lawyer to come back from Court or come out of a conference before work can be attended to on their file.  This has served our clients well, and given the price structure of the team approach, this helps reduce their legal fees.