Mediation and FDR

Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Caroline Counsel is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP).

Mediation as a method of dispute resolution has been around for many years.  It facilitates a discussion between you and your former partner with a view to reaching resolution as quickly and as amicably as possible.  This form of dispute resolution can be conducted with Caroline once you and your former partner have been screened as being suitable for the process. If you both prefer, Caroline can mediate with your lawyers involvedi n the process and present at meetings.

Alternatively, we can represent you at a mediation as your Lawyer.

Legal advice can be obtained before you enter the mediation process and during the process.  Not all forms of mediation involve your lawyer being present at the time you meet with the mediator.  This may result in you seeing a lawyer for advice in between the mediation sessions.

Counsel Family Lawyers can help you by…

  • Conducting Family Dispute Resolution discussions with you and your former partner.
  • Referring you to a mediation service or private mediator
  • Providing advice before the mediation process.
  • Providing advice in between mediation sessions.
  • Conflict coaching.
  • Communications coaching.
  • Helping you work out what is important to you.
  • Helping you indentify your and your former partner’s needs and interests.
  • Providing documents which give effect to your mediated settlement.

Using a Family Lawyer

One fmed2orm of mediation involves your lawyer being present during the mediation session(s).  This enables you to obtain independent legal advice during the course of the mediation.

We have experienced high rates of success using this method of dispute resolution.  The rate of success may depend on the emotional state and whether both parties want to resolve their matter at that juncture. We can discuss with you whether this form of dispute resolution is right for you.

We also ensure that your matter is ready to go to mediation and we can agree with your former partner’s lawyer what we both need to do co-operatively to make sure the mediation is not a waste of time and money.

Counsel Family Lawyers can help you by…

  • Referring you to a mediator.
  • Preparing your matter for mediation.
  • Assisting in you in indentifying the issues important to you.
  • Arranging for asset valuations and identifying the assets to be divided between you.
  • Giving the mediator your background information to enable the mediator to conduct the mediation.
  • Preparing you for mediation by helping you understand the process and what your/our/the mediator’s roles are.
  • Referring you/your family to a counsellor or therapist to deal with personal or children’s issues.
  • Providing legal advice before and during the mediation session(s)- as we are present during mediations conducted.
  • Providing documents which give effect to your mediated settlement. Preparing Court Orders, Financial Agreements, Parenting Plans and Child Support Agreements.
  • Ensuring that settlement happens in accordance with your expectations.