Kitchen Table

“Do it yourself Family Law”

You are free to resolve your matter at any time with your former partner.  This is clearly the least expensive method of settlement, but often it is very difficult to do this on your own.

Many of our clients report that they find this option challenging because they simply repeat the patterns of behaviour during their relationship.  If this happens to you, then there are other solution options which do not involve going to Court.

Counsel Family Lawyers can help you by:

  • Helping you assess the viability or suitability of this option
  • If not suitable, helping you assess other non Court based methods
  • Helping you work out what is important to you
  • Helping you identify your short and long term needs and interests
  • Helping you identify your former partner’s needs and interests
  • Giving legal advice before you sit down with your former partner
  • Giving legal advice in between the discussions
  • Helping you speak to your former partner in a way that helps them “hear” you better
  • Conflict coaching and referrals to counselling to help you get through the difficult conversations
  • Preparing the legal documents  – Court Orders, Financial Agreements, Parenting Plans, Child Support Agreements
  • Referring you/your family to counsellors or therapists in relation to children’s issues
  • Assisting you with valuation options and referring you to valuers
  • Assisting with separation of assets in accordance with your agreement