Family Lawyer Negotiations

This method of dispute resolution involves two independent lawyers representing the separating couple.  Lawyers have a different approach as to how best they may become involved so you need to discuss these approaches before you commit.

Counsel Family Lawyers can help you by…

  • Providing legal advice.
  • Exchanging financial information and documents with your former partner’s lawyer.
  • Advising you on the financial information produced.
  • Preparing Financial Statements.
  • Assisting in identifying assets/liabilities.
  • Organising valuations of assets, if necessary.
  • Developing a list of assets and liabilities to exchange with your former partner’s lawyer in preparation for settlement.
  • Convening and representing you in any settlement negotiations.
  • Providing documents which give effect to the settlement reached.
  • Preparing Court Orders, Financial Agreements, Parenting Plans and Child Support Agreements.
  • Ensuring that settlement happens in accordance with your expectations.