Reaching Agreement – Your Future

Now that you have reached agreement – what do you need to do?

Getting to settlement can be so draining that you may require our help in the settlement process.  We can explain the next steps in your Court Orders or Financial Agreement and what needs to happen in order to finalise the logistics of settlement.

Some clients continue to co-parent their children so it is essential that you use the resources we have given to you during the separation process to your full advantage.  We can refer you to servcies which can support your family post separation.

In relation to Parenting Plans or Court Orders, an agreement or order that was made when a child iwas 3 years old, may not be suitable when they are 8 and so on.  So, you may need to have on going conversations with the other parent.  We can assist with “after Court” advice.

Counsel Family Lawyers can assist you by:

  • Explaining Court Orders,Parenting Plan or the terms of a Financial Agreement in terms you can understand.
  • Attending to the physical aspects of property settlement or referring you when necessary.
  • Convening a further Collaborative meeting; if you and your former partner chose Collaborative Practice as your settlement process,
  • Referring you to a child psychologist or counsellor to help you and your former partner be the best possible parents post separation,
  • Ensuring you have the right resources to get past settlement.
  • Referring you to financial planners, accountants or mortgage brokers to help you shape your future.