Mediation or Family Court when the Millions Go Missing?

Phenomenal wealth always sparks phenomenal interest.  As a family lawyer, what I found interesting about the Bezos separation and divorce is the apparent speed with which Jeff and McKenzie went about resolving their differences.  They have evidently filed a parenting … Continue reading

Freedom from the Family Court Merry-Go-Round

One of the recurring themes from the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC) portal “Tell Us Your Story” and the review into the Family Law system was the expense of the family law system. Many people struggled with what they said … Continue reading

We Can’t Settle Together with Suspicious Minds: Why settling is hard to do when a Family Law Client is Suspicious

Family law clients are very vulnerable users of legal services. None more so than the suspicious spouse. They do not realise it at the time, but their suspicion greatly adds to their legal costs. The blame game rarely produces a … Continue reading

If There’s No Pot, There’s No Point

Why Chasing Family Law White Rabbits Down Holes Can Land your Client in “Why Did I Do It” Land. If you are reading this and thought it was about marijuana or other mind altering substances, sorry to disappoint: this is … Continue reading

“Please Folau Me to Go to Court”: The Plight of Funding For Family Law Clients

The Go Fund Me campaign of Israel Folau has sparked an unprecedented response in the online world with a plethora of supporters and detractors.  Go Fund Me elected to shut down his page on the basis that his campaign violated … Continue reading

Mediation Part 2: What is it? How Can Clients Be Better Heard? Caroline Counsel: Nationally Accredited Mediator, Collaborative Practitioner Accredited Family Law Specialist and Melbourne Family Law Lawyer

When clients are told they are going to mediation, most do not know what that means. Most clients in fact never experience mediation. What they usually experience is a form of shuttle negotiation. There may be an initial meeting where … Continue reading

How Do I get the most out of my Family Law Mediation? Part 1, Caroline Counsel: Melbourne Family Lawyer

Humans and the human condition are at the centre of any family law dispute. Humans are complex animals. We are subject to many influences and prone to subtle thinking. Sometimes, we are unaware of how stimuli are working on us. … Continue reading

Is My Ex Spying On Me?

Nearly everyone has a smart phone and many also have tablet devices. Often in families these devices are connected by a shared account of one party, usually a parent if the couple has children. During or after a separation, it … Continue reading

I recorded my partner abusing me, can I use it in Court as evidence?

Illegally or Improperly Obtained Evidence Our lives are dominated by smartphone, everything Snapchatted or Instagrammed. Everything is filmed and recorded, but can it be used as evidence against someone in your family law matter?  In the case of Michaels & … Continue reading

“Now that I am Separated, Can I Go on Tinder?” – What not to post on internet dating apps

It is not uncommon for family law clients to start dating other people once they have separated from their former partner. However, it can be tricky to navigate post-separation dating, especially when people start using Internet dating apps such as … Continue reading