Why Dads Matter When Parents Split

When a couple decide to start a family, I think we can safely say that they do so with the expectation that both parents will be an important part of their children’s lives.  They want to love and care for … Continue reading

“We’ve separated and I have no money: What do I do now?”

When people separate, they often find themselves struggling financially now that they are only living off one income.   Statistically speaking, at the point of separation and the creation of two separate residences for the family, an average family needs to … Continue reading


Caroline Counsel recently spoke about Family Violence at an event on the 28 July 2019 I AM WOMAN WATCH ME WALK at Princes Park. The women behind the event are Nicole Rowan, Ashlee Donohue, Sarah Fiess and Clare Fitzgerald and … Continue reading

If you leave me, can I come too? What happens to our beloved pets post-divorce and separation?

“Here boy” was the last thing you hear your ex-partner say as they walk out the door.  When separating, parties often gloss over or don’t think about who will have custody of the beloved family pet.  Either party assumes that … Continue reading

“Where Has All the Money Gone?”: How to find the missing money in Family Law Matters

With the advent of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, the Family Courts have had to deal with a new type of asset and lawyers employ new strategies for ascertaining the real wealth of the other side’s client.  It is hard to … Continue reading

Come Fly With Me- Let’s fly, let’s fly away…

Ever just wanted to get away from it all?  Yes, I hear you say but what if you have recently separated?  Is it still a good idea to plan and take that holiday of a lifetime? When Peter and Cassie* … Continue reading

Mediation or Family Court when the Millions Go Missing?

Phenomenal wealth always sparks phenomenal interest.  As a family lawyer, what I found interesting about the Bezos separation and divorce is the apparent speed with which Jeff and McKenzie went about resolving their differences.  They have evidently filed a parenting … Continue reading

Freedom from the Family Court Merry-Go-Round

One of the recurring themes from the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC) portal “Tell Us Your Story” and the review into the Family Law system was the expense of the family law system. Many people struggled with what they said … Continue reading

We Can’t Settle Together with Suspicious Minds: Why settling is hard to do when a Family Law Client is Suspicious

Family law clients are very vulnerable users of legal services. None more so than the suspicious spouse. They do not realise it at the time, but their suspicion greatly adds to their legal costs. The blame game rarely produces a … Continue reading

If There’s No Pot, There’s No Point

Why Chasing Family Law White Rabbits Down Holes Can Land your Client in “Why Did I Do It” Land. If you are reading this and thought it was about marijuana or other mind altering substances, sorry to disappoint: this is … Continue reading