I AM DIVORCING. Is Mediation Right For Me?

Mediation or FDR is a process by which the Mediator/FDRP is responsible for assisting you and your ex decide the following: 1. What you both agree you want to discuss.  The Mediator/FDRP cannot compel you to discuss a matter in … Continue reading

Who Pays for Child Support When My Kid Turns 18 Years Old?

  For most parents, the eighteenth birthday of a child is arguably one of mixed emotions as they grapple with the daunting reality of their progeny having attained adulthood.  For the parent who has been dependent on child support payments … Continue reading

Divorce and Protecting Your Assets and Your Home

So… you are separating, and you may be worried about your home and what your ex may be doing with your share: can they sell it without you knowing about it?  Can they be increasing the debt owed on the … Continue reading

Will the Family Courts “Add-back” to the Asset Pool when Wastage has occurred?

  In the reported case of Omacini & Omacini (2005) 191 FLR 317, the Full Court identified three (3) areas which may warrant an add-back to the property pool, being as follows:1  One parties expenditure on legal fees;  Premature distribution of funds;  Wastage of one party.   … Continue reading

Family Law and Covid19 – how can I separate during Covid19 Lockdown?

“A tidal wave of separations will turn into a Tsunami post Covid19” – this is the prediction that Caroline Counsel Family Lawyer and Accredited Family Law Specialist appeared on 3AW Breakfast this morning with former lawyer Ross Stevenson and marketing … Continue reading

How will an investigation by Child Protection Services affect my parenting matter?

If you have immediate safety concerns regarding your children, please contact Victoria Police. If you, your former partner or any other person holds safety concerns in relation to the care or wellbeing of your children, you might find your family … Continue reading

Will the Family Court include Capital Gains Taxation Liability in our asset pool?

When a party to a family law proceeding seeks that an investment property form part of their settlement, one may ask, will the Family Court consider the future capital gains tax (CGT) liability payable at some date down the track … Continue reading

Caroline Counsel on Breakfast Radio with Sammy J: COVID19 and Individual Rights

Listen to Caroline speak to Sammy J during the Breakfast show on 5 August 2020 about COVID19 and individual rights (at 46:00 minutes)

Caroline Counsel on RN Drive: COVID19 Stage 4 Restrictions

Listen to Caroline speaking with Patricia Karvelas on Tuesday 4 August 2020 regarding the Stage 4 restrictions implemented this week and our responsibilities to each other, the community and as citizens of Victoria to comply with Government directions:

Surviving the Bunker: Co-parenting and Separation Part VII in the time of the COVID19

Image from No Copyright infringement is intended. Easter is normally a time for families to get together and often is the subject of dispute between those parents who have not yet sorted out what time their kids will spend … Continue reading