LIV Honorary Life Member Award Given to Caroline Counsel

The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) has recently announced the recipients of their annual Awards. The LIV recognizes Victorian lawyers for their outstanding contributions to the legal profession.

The highest ranked honour which may be bestowed on a member is the LIV Honorary Life Membership. This membership recognises lawyers who have achieved significant milestones as well served and contributed to the legal profession and community and LIV over their career.

Ms Caroline Counsel was awarded the LIV honorary life membership for her contributions to the LIV, legal profession, and the community as a whole. This is evident as she became a LIV member in 1984 and has remained involved since. In addition, she was President of the LIV in 2011 making her the 5th female President of the LIV since 1859.

Ms Counsel has a strong commercial background prior to her establishment of a specialist Family Law boutique practice now known as Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers. She is the principal lawyer of the firm and is an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

On receiving the rarely given honorary membership award, Ms Counsel reflected on her years of being associat

ed with the LIV:

“I am humbled to have been given the Law Institute of Victoria’s highest award for years of service. I’m the one

who feels grateful to all at the LIV – CEOS, Chairs and fellow presidents, fellow board members, the amazing staff who have buoyed me up on my legal journey and my fellow lawyers. To the Family Law Section I give my eternal thanks and to my fellow Specialisation Board members I am indebted to you and your unfailing efforts – always in awe of how much you contribute.  To those with whom I have worked at the LIV – again my thanks. I count you as my friends.”

Ms Counsel has been an active member and until recently a long-standing board member of the LIV and is a current member of the Specialisation Board.




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