Our Team

Caroline Counsel

Caroline Counsel is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and has been in practice for in excess of 30 years. She has a strong commercial background, having previously been a partner in a middle tier commercial law firm before making the decision to best serve her clients in a Family Law exclusive environment.

On 1 July 1999, Caroline established a specialist Family Law boutique practice – which later became known as Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers.

In recent times, the firm has developed an Alternative Dispute Resolution aspect to assist clients resolve their matters without having to go to Court and in particular Collaborative Practice.  Whilst this method of dispute resolution is not for everyone, wherever possible, Caroline works with the team to ensure that options are considered and the angst and expense of going to Court is avoided.

Caroline says “In addition to the normal court procedures, we have developed Collaborative Practice to help clients and their children minimise conflict when the relationship ends.  I am committed to finding better ways of resolving family law matters and I believe that Collaborative Practice is one such better way.”

“When we need to go to Court, we make sure it is a last resort but when we go, we ensure the client’s best case is put forward.  In that way, clients know we are interested in helping them find the best and most affordable solution and are not just spending their money on the fight”.

Current Roles

  • Accredited Family Law Specialist
  • Chair of the Accredited Specialist Board Law Institute of Victoria
  • Member Law Institute of Victoria
  • Member Law Council of Australia and member of the Family Law Section
  • Member of the Ethics Committee of the Law Institute of Victoria
  • Member of IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals)
  • Member Victorian Legal Admissions Board
  • Member IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers)

Jordan Reichhold

Jordan Reichhold is a Senior Associate with Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers. Jordan is an experienced family lawyer skilled in matters involving complex property and parenting matters, family violence, Financial Agreements, child support, Binding Child Support Agreements, intervention orders, divorce, breaches of orders and enforcement.

Jordan has worked extensively in complex commercial and parenting matters from inception through to trial, managing all aspects of the case along the pathway to settlement in a client-focused, pragmatic, financially viable and commercially minded manner. Jordan has experience representing family law clients both interstate and overseas.

Jordan’s experience in criminal law, commercial, Wills and Estates, taxation and civil litigation has assisted Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers’ clients given the inevitable intersectional nature of family law.

Georgia Mort

Georgia Mort is a Senior Associate at Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers. Her family law experience has been shaped by invaluable exposure to complex casework and working with leading professionals in the Family Law Jurisdiction which has fuelled her deep-seated passion for Family Law.

In Georgia’s role, she finds immense fulfillment in guiding clients through their most challenging times, steering them towards a place of peace and effective resolution. A testament to her commitment, she is recognised for her quick grasp of family law complexities, possessing a meticulous eye for detail, and understanding the paramount importance of timely issue resolution in family law matters.

One of Georgia’s guiding principles is encapsulated in the quote: “A family lawyer has the power to transform lives, providing a bridge from turmoil to tranquility.” This ethos underscores her dedication to the transformative impact on individuals navigating family law complexities.


What we can do for you

At Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers we walk the talk. Many law firms say that they work as a team. The reality is that they don’t. They work in silos. How does that affect their clients? It means if the lawyer is at Court or with a client, no one else on the team can assist you. It means you have to wait until that lawyer is available. Meanwhile you wait. Some lawyers can leave a client waiting for days before they respond to them.

At Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers we ensure that the team knows who you are, what matters most to you, the agreed strategy in your matter and what is happening next. Caroline manages the team to ensure you and your family are being looked after and you are heading towards settlement. For this reason, we ask our clients to use one email to communicate with the team – we can then help you regardless of what our lawyers are doing.

The best way to ensure your needs are being met is to contact the team and this is why the firm has a team email for all clients to use which enables the person best placed to answer your queries to assist you.

We recognise that clients often want to work with one person. In our firm you are likely to work with our Principal Caroline Counsel, one of our dedicated team of lawyers and our administrative team members. In this way, we can ensure that the right person can assist at the best price point.

Our team is managed by Caroline Counsel who has 35 years’ experience in the law and has been managing legal teams for over two decades.

Remember if you need our help – email [email protected]