Counsel Family Lawyers is a boutique Family Law firm. Caroline specialises in Family Law. We can be your Lawyers in relation to:

  • Court proceedings.
  • Disputes/Negotiations/Settlements – Property, Financial and Children’s Matters.
  • Children’s issues – parenting orders, child support, parenting plans, court disputes and court orders.
  • De Facto/Same sex matters
  • Financial Agreements – Pre Nuptial Agreements.
  • Collaborative Practice.
  • Family Dispute Resolution/Mediation – provision of s60I Certificates
  • Divorce.
  • Family Violence – Intervention Orders and representation.
  • Maintenance – Spousal and child maintenance and Child Support.


Given our expertise, we can offer you a range of options in helping you through the maze of Family Law.

Not all families are the same.  Each family needs a solution that is tailor made to suit their needs best.

Separation can be a very daunting and distressing time.  Clients need the very best advice and support during this period.  At Counsel Family Lawyers we can offer  you a support network of allied professionals to help you and your family cope and find solutions.

Our vision

Counsel Family Lawyers works respectfully with clients after separation and develops creative outcomes that minimise the impact of separation on families and maximise the retention of our clients’ assets.

Our mission:

  • To be our clients’ closest legal advisor, allay and guide when helping them forge solutions post separation.
  • To work with our clients in a multidisciplinary manner in order to enhance their ability to be self sufficient as quickly as possible post separation and minimise conflict damage to their children.
  • To help our clients work out what is important to them when they are transitioning from a family to a separated family.
  • To help our clients work out what is important to them when contemplating a new relationship.