“Now that I am Separated, Can I Go on Tinder?” – What not to post on internet dating apps

It is not uncommon for family law clients to start dating other people once they have separated from their former partner. However, it can be tricky to navigate post-separation dating, especially when people start using Internet dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble.

Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers provides tailored advice to clients regarding the possible ramifications of online dating when they still have family law matters on foot. Depending on the specific facts of your situation, this advice is essential to ensure that the strategic direction of your matter is not compromised. Dating new people and how you hold yourself on dating websites can become relevant in a family law context.

It is difficult to prevent your former partner or their lawyer, and for that matter, anyone else from coming across your online dating profile. A simple screenshot of a dating profile with a salacious photo or bio could end up being used against you in Court.

You should exercise a great deal of caution when creating a dating profile, especially if you and your former partner have children together. Even if your relationship is relatively amicable at the moment, this can all change very quickly, especially if your former partner inadvertently finds out that you are seeing other people. Even if your former partner is the one who called the relationship off, you need to be ready for their response if they find out that you are moving on with your life post separation from them.


  • publish anything about your family law matter
  • say anything negative about your former partner/spouse
  • deny you have children
  • post details about your children
  • exaggerate your wealth
  • lie about what you do for a living
  • lie about anything!
  • Don’t say you’re single when in fact you are separated (i.e. not yet divorced)

It goes without saying that you should never post about your former partner on dating apps. However, the same “think before you post” mentality needs to be adopted across the board, meaning you should not post about your children on dating apps either.  You should never assume you are in fact communicating with a possible date – it may well be someone on behalf of your ex.

Even if you approach dating apps with caution, it is essential that you obtain legal advice before embarking on a new relationship. Depending on the context, even a new casual relationship can have an impact on both parenting and property matters.

Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers can provide you with essential advice regarding the things you need to consider when entering into a new relationship. We can also assist you to take necessary steps to protect your assets as well as to ensure that parenting arrangements are as secure as possible for the children in light of any changes to your circumstances.

The information in this blog does not constitute legal advice and cannot be relied upon by you. If you require advice specific to your situation, you must contact Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers for legal advice. The contents of this blog are relevant as at 17 December 2018.  We recommend you obtain specific advice relevant to you and your family’s situation.

By Michelle Petrovski

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